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A custom squarespace site is a great option for someone who wants a turn-key, modern site they grow with for years to come and also wants to handle the update of some or all of the backend content and management. The site will be designed with your specific business needs in mind. Included in this website package: finely tuned SEO functionality and support, 3-8 pages, ecommerce ( if needed), blog, and other key functions at your request . The price for your custom square space website design and execution also includes 1 month of backend support and the set up of social media sites.  *The price does not include the monthly hosting cost of $26-$29 dollars.

 A custom wordpress site is another option we offer. This requires coding and a bit more time to execute. We can fine tune and add more functionality to your site if deemed needed. With an admin back end that is more complicated than squarespace, we are happy to help keep it updated for an additional monthly fee.  Additional backend website and maintenance plan is available to update and maintain your site whenever you need for (2-4 hours p month).


Want to create a promotional video to set your site apart and express your message within an instant? We offer custom video packages tailored to your style and needs. If interested we can set up a 1:1 free consult for exact prices and to help map out a creative vision. 


Your website, your brand, your social media all rely on beautiful, well executed photos to tell a story and provide information otherwise overlooked when skimming through words on a page. We offer expert photo packages to capture your essence and portray your best light. The package includes gear, a 3-hour shoot, 200+ Raw Images, 25 professionally edited final photos, and a location and creative expertise consultation. We can put you in touch with a team of Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe experts if you want the full effect.   



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Social Media

Social media is crucial to strong brand awareness and can serve as a valuable marketing tool to access new audiences and potential customers. We offer industry relevant advice and social media strategies, as well as management, weekly posting and campaigns to get your business noticed. The key is consistency. Offering up daily/ weekly and sometimes monthly updates, depending on the platform, keeps your brand relevant and on target to grow your audience and raise sales. It takes alot of energy to do this, and if you don't have the time or knack for it we are here to create and manage your sites.  We offer monthly support based on your needs. Usually ranging from 2-3 hours a week of management, campaign design and updates/posting. If special ad campaigns are needed the price will increase for that time period. Please note this does not include the cost of ads on the social media platform. That is a targeted price we will set to together for maximum  efficiency.

Graphic Design

Keeping your look modern, relevant and on brand is important when creating a successful business. Whether it be a flyer for your next workshop, a new logo, book cover, newsletter or graphics for your video, we design anything you might need for your event, product and brand marketing. This price is generally charged per hour working within a set range of hours. 


Please Note: All projects priced over $500 require a 50% retainer payment at start time of project. The remainder of the service fee is to be paid after your final approval and completion of the project. 

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